How do I join Impact EU? | Save the planet with Impact EU

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13 December, 2019

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13 December, 2019

How do I join Impact EU? Impact EU is a collaboration of the Impact Program and the European Union. It is at the forefront of global action against climate change. It aims to create awareness about the impact on climate change to all the citizens of the European Union and how do they manage it with the Impact Program. Wondering how to join the Impact EU? Impact EU offers a revolutionary digital platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that enables all citizens to contribute to the planet. Everyone can now save the planet by contributing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Understand how to create a positive impact on the planet with Impact Program. EU Impact Program empowers citizens to reallocate mechanisms, foster investment shifts and substitute labour in key economic sectors. How can I join Impact EU! Visit & register on

How do I join the Impact EU? What is Impact EU?

- A revolutionary digital platform. - Enable every citizen to contribute to the planet

What we do? How to join Impact EU?

- Prevent carbon leakage - Support green innovation - Climate neutrality - Save the planet

How to join Impact EU Program to save the earth?

- Spread the word, create awareness - Donate to save the planet - Shop to save the earth

What EU Impact Program entails

- Earn Impact Score - Rewards for donation - Impact Wallet, Impact Cards - Online store

How can I join the Impact EU?

Register on the platform and get started

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