how it works

VideoRankMe creates machine led, rank-focused, video-centric campaigns built to immediately drive meaningful traffic to your brand.

we deliver ranking so you can focus on your brand

create with VideoRankMe

Use your brand’s media to create rank-optimized videos directly on the VideoRankMe platform. Powered by MULTIPLICITY, VideoRankMe’s machine learning keyword algorithm, your optimized videos upload automatically and are built to immediately rank!

boost with VideoRankMe

Boost your videos already published on YouTube and Vimeo. Rank any video to give influencer’s brand a Boost. Or, upload your videos to YouTube from the VideoRankMe platform to optimize your video for ranking right out of the gate.

FACT 02:

Video content is 50x more likely to drive organic search results than plain text.


rank your videos quickly and easily

define your target

Give VideoRankMe some basic information about your brand and VideoRankMe’s AI will get to work targeting your buyer through intelligent keyword recommendations.

nail your keywords

Every VideoRankMe campaign starts with a keyword strategy designed to dominate. Choose from VideoRankMe’s keyword suggestions or add your own to build natural phrases around the keyword to promote relevancy for Google.

pick your promotion

Use VideoRankMe your way. Build supercharged videos directly on the platform for maximum ranking. Re-index videos you have already published on YouTube or give your influencers a boost for page one domination.

create a video…

Upload your own video assets, link a YouTube video or start from scratch with VideoRankMe’s stock media. Design your branded video with visuals, audio and subtitles to power videos that rank!

…and a landing page…

Watch your video come to life while you write a YouTube title and description that will also be used for an auto-optimized landing page that gets published and ranked on Google too.

…that gets auto-published on YouTube

VideoRankMe uses Google and YouTube’s APIs, which means all campaigns are automatically published directly to YouTube within minutes. Your video and optimized landing page will rank on the Google Carousel, YouTube, and Google All for your chosen key phrases.

but don’t take our word for it

Win local, nationwide and international searches with VideoRankMe for the most relevant terms in your industry. The more campaigns you publish using VideoRankMe, the greater the accumulative effect of the technology.